Why should I come hear Juan Serrano? – Latino Marketing from the Big Brand Perspective



Juan Serrano, featured speaker on Nov. 18th

On November 18th, Collectivo is excited to announce Juan Serrano as one of the two featured speakers at our Latino Marketing from the Big Brand Perspective event.

Juan Serrano graduated with a BA in Political Economics from the University of CA at Berkeley, then pursued his MBA in Business Administration. He started working for Henkel Corporation in November, 2004 as a Brand Manager and has worked his way up to becoming the Director of Marketing for Henkel.

Juan currently leads marketing strategy at Henkel for a number of well known consumer brands including Göt2b and Smooth ‘N Shine hair products. Previous to moving to Arizona to work with Henkel in 2004, he worked for 3 years with The Clorox Company in Oakland, CA and 4 years for Shell in Houston, TX.

Juan will be informing the audience on how to cater to a Hispanic audience for the November 18th event, Latino Marketing from the Big Brand Perspective, that will include how large companies with headquarters right here in the Valley decide on initiatives to reach the Hispanic audience. This event will be a who’s who of Phoenix area marketing directors that successfully cater to a Hispanic audience.

Join us, mingle, eat great food and enjoy craft beer with your friends at Collectivo! RSVP for this great event!

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