Why are Collectivo Events Free?

A view from Collectivo's January event, 'Marketing to Latino's in 2015.'

A view from Collectivo’s January event, ‘Marketing to Latino’s in 2015.’

Collectivo believes that good education should be complimentary. This idea is not new, think of your public library system for example. However, too often when we think of attending an educational event or mini-conference the cost can be $20+ and even up to a few hundred dollars. Our belief at Collectivo is that good content should be free to attendees and that internal costs can be covered through the help of our sponsors.

Being completely free helps differentiate Collectivo from other educational and networking organizations in the Phoenix valley. Collectivo offers free educational events all year long and brings in high caliber presenters from across the nation that are relevant to marketers and media professionals that work to engage the Hispanic audience. By providing free educational events we are helping to enhance our business community and raise awareness for Phoenix marketers as a thought-leading community.

And that is why Collectivo is free.

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