Joe Ray: Marketing Guy and Artist

Collectivo is proud to welcome Joe Ray as the guest speaker for our March event. 

As Vice President of Multicultural Strategy for a major advertising agency in Phoenix, Joe has worked with both national and international brands, on the creative side as well as with strategy.

His passion is rooted in connecting with Latino audiences through the development of marketing messages, branding initiatives and campaigns.

Additionally, Joe is a conference speaker and presenter whose topics include Reaching Latino Audiences, Health/Wellness Education for Multicultural Audiences, Brand Building, Packaging Design, Social Media, Arts & Culture, and Community Activism.

Joe is also an avid and accomplished artist (painter and printmaker). He is an artist member of Xico, Arte y Cultura, a Phoenix based Latino and Native American Arts Organization.

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Cultura Ambidextrous: The Acculturation of a New America

It’s that time again. Collectivo is back in March with another great networking event.JoeRay March 18 2015

This month we introduce Joe Ray, the VP of Multicultural Strategy for a major marketing agency in Phoenix, and a local artist.

The topic for this event is one that’s rarely discussed by that is used by many Latinos on a daily basis. What we mean is that Latinos can live in two worlds simultaneously, adeptly going from one to another, depending on their surroundings and comfort sone.

This is even more so the case with Latino millennials who are highly acculturated yet often retain a lot of their rich Hispanic heritage.

So, how do you market to a demographic that is living two experiences simultaneously? Be prepared to learn, laugh and contribute to this insightful presentation and discussion. Joe Ray will get his message across with humor and provide participants the opportunity to consider how to effectively communicate and engage with Latino audiences in the U.S. in any language, Spanglish included.

Whether creating content, developing a campaign, or doing community outreach, cultural understanding is key to understanding cultural ambidexterity. This presentation will offer insights, suggestions and clarity, as well as what works/doesn’t work with humor.

The event takes place Wednesday, March 18th, 5:30pm at The Office Pile on 7th Street and Sheridan in Phoenix.

Come prepared to network with some of the top communications professionals in the Phoenix area. As always, we will provide free food and drinks. So bring your business card, bring your appetite, and tell your friends!

And PLEASE RSVP so we can have enough craft beer and appetizers for you to enjoy:

Who Should Attend Collectivo Events?

Collectivo events feature marketers interacting the right way.

Collectivo events feature marketers interacting the right way.

Who Should Attend?
Are you a marketer or media professional interested in reaching the Hispanic market? Work in an agency or a company that has potential to grow their Hispanic market share? Are you simply interested in networking and looking to meet other professionals in these industries? We are looking for business people like you who can attend and benefit from our events offered year round!

Who Should Not Attend?
If you are the type of business individual who is overly salesy and focused on a quick sale or lead, our events are likely not for you. Collectivo is about building long term relationships with good people interested in marketing and media to the Hispanic community.

Why are Collectivo Events Free?

A view from Collectivo's January event, 'Marketing to Latino's in 2015.'

A view from Collectivo’s January event, ‘Marketing to Latino’s in 2015.’

Collectivo believes that good education should be complimentary. This idea is not new, think of your public library system for example. However, too often when we think of attending an educational event or mini-conference the cost can be $20+ and even up to a few hundred dollars. Our belief at Collectivo is that good content should be free to attendees and that internal costs can be covered through the help of our sponsors.

Being completely free helps differentiate Collectivo from other educational and networking organizations in the Phoenix valley. Collectivo offers free educational events all year long and brings in high caliber presenters from across the nation that are relevant to marketers and media professionals that work to engage the Hispanic audience. By providing free educational events we are helping to enhance our business community and raise awareness for Phoenix marketers as a thought-leading community.

And that is why Collectivo is free.

Marketing to Latinos 2015 Wrap-Up

Thank you to the over 60 attendees who learned what marketing to Latino’s can entail. Most of our attendees took an interactive tour and questionnaire allowing them to learn several of the effective tactics of an effective Hispanic marketing campaign. A special thank you to title sponsor Nativa, Coworking on 15th Ave for hosting, Salvadoreño Restaurant for the amazing food and our prize sponsors – COX Media, Sin Limite Wireless, Boutique Solie, and Urban Beans. This event was a tremendous success in part to these amazing businesses, please support them!

We are working on building our biggest turnout for our next event on March 18th, which will be featuring guest speaker Joe Ray from Lane Terralever. RSVP now for this great event that will take an inside look at the two worlds that Latinos live in. RSVP here!

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Next Event

Don’t miss out on our next event on March 18th! RSVP here.

JoeRay March 18 2015

Meet Collectivo’s Co-Founder and Speaker for the January 21st Event

Eric Diaz will be the featured speaker at the “Marketing to Latinos in 2015” interactive event. RSVP here.Eric Dias headshot


ERIC DIAZ is Co Owner of Nativa, a multicultural communications agency that focuses on the Hispanic market through digital communications, online advertising and culturally relevant content creation. Nativaʼs work includes campaigns for brands such as Fox broadcasting, Dial Soap, and Castrol Motor Oil as well as government projects for national agencies including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 2013, Eric founded Coworking on 15th Ave in central Phoenix which is a new type of office space allowing entrepreneurs to affordably work hard, collaborate with others, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

That same year recognizing the lack of online Hispanic market intelligence, Eric co-founded OYE! which is a business intelligence tool that provides companies with unique insights into Spanish and Spanglish conversations online. This tool effectively tracks, segments, and monitors real-time online conversations so brands can make educated business decisions and develop culturally relevant communications with the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S.


Eric has worn many hats throughout his professional career. He spent parts of 2007 and 2008 in Shanghai, Chinaʼs economic capital, serving an important supply chain development role for Staples, Inc., a Fortune 500 retailer constructing a modern and efficient warehouse to help support the exponential company growth in the region. Additionally in 2008, as part of his Masters program, Eric designed and executed a research study on the cultural influences and business activities within the Shanghai region contributing to its hyper-economic growth.

Eric completed his Masters Degree in Finance at Northeastern University in Boston while founding and becoming president of the Latin American MBA Association (LAMBAA). He completed his undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University and has a passion for helping people.

There is still time to RSVP for the event here:

Marketing to Latinos in 2015

Collectivo is proud to host “Marketing to Latinos in 2015,” an interactive networking event in Phoenix.

The free Happy Hour event will take place Wednesday, January 21 at Co-working on 15th Ave.

The event is sponsored by Nativa Multicultural Communications. Nativa co-owner Eric Diaz will lead a discussion and activity session about the nuances in Hispanic marketing for the new year.

Attendees to this event will be treated to an interactive format where they will participate in activities that teach them the newest trends in Hispanic marketing while maintaining a fun and casual environment.

Among other topics attendees can expect to learn about:
– Arizona Hispanic Millennials – how to reach this group?
– The growing total market approach by large brands
– Use of Spanglish in Hispanic marketing
– Hispanic agencies going mainstream, is 2015 the year?
– Which social media channels Hispanics use most

Coworking on 15th Ave (3428 N 15th Ave) is our meeting spot for a night of fun and excitement. Come one, come all, bring a guest, and hang loose. This will be great.

Remember that ALL Collectivo events have:

1. An educational presentation…(always!)
2. Open Bar (craft beer/wine…always!)
3. Free to attend…(always!)

Kindly RSVP here if you plan on attending and please spread the word!

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There are various levels of participation designed to accommodate an investment that is comfortable and appropriate for your company, each with benefits to you and your business. We hope you will take advantage of this marketing opportunity. We would be honored to have you as a supporter at any level.

Collectivo event: Diversity in the Newrsoom

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Diversity in The Newsroom Event Wrap-up

Our second event, Diversity in the Newsroom, held on November 19th was a complete success!

Hugo Balta from ESPN is an amazing speaker and provided much needed insight on the importance of representation by minorities in the newsroom on the way the media is presented.

Our sponsors were a huge help in putting this event together, New York Life and of course The Office Pile. The food consisted of delicious chicken mole, pico de gallo, guacamole, tortillas, pita chips, apricot flan and strawberry flan provided by Chef Cody from Manhattan Catering.  Alongside an assortment of delicious craft beers, no one was left hungry (or thirsty).

Hugo talked about the way Hispanics are perceived in media today with examples such as Lupe Ontiveros who made her acting career playing a maid, Al Pacino playing a criminal in Scarface, and current examples such as Sophia Vergara who is often projected as a sex symbol. He also touched on the fact that Hispanics often don’t have the same things in common, that some Hispanics favor English while others favor Spanish, and the importance of knowing which group you are marketing to.

Hugo summed up the presentation by discussing how marketing to Hispanics $1.3 trillion in purchasing power can be challenging, but with the right knowledge and strategy, savvy marketers can attract them to their brand or products and create a meaningful, long term relationship.

Check out several of the tweets below from the event.

Meet our Sponsor: Jaime Talamante from New York Life – Making an Impact in the Hispanic Market

We had a the chance this week to interview Jaime Talamante who is a Senior Associate at New York Life. New York Life is graciously sponsoring our event tomorrow in which we will discuss Diversity in the Newsroom with Hugo Balta, executive producer from ESPN.

Jaime, tell us more about how you got into the financial services industry.

Jaime Talamante

Jaime Talamante, senior associate at New York Life.

What attracted me most to the career, was that I really like people. I’m not one to be locked away at a desk or cubicle. I need to be out and about to be truly successful and happy in my profession. Financial services has given me the opportunity to be out and about with the community at large. I really value building and maintaining relationships and (financial services) is a relationship driven business. Besides that, I am a graduate and devout fan of ASU (Arizona State University), and have a professional insurance licence in life and health.

What inspired you to work for New York Life?

What really drove me to choose New York Life was that they actually went the extra mile to put their money where their mouth is as far as looking to reach and provide financial assistance to the Hispanic market. With this company it starts at the top and goes all the way down. I joined them because they are authentic in their interest in working with the Hispanic market and they are in it for the right reason.  More than anything I like being involved in the community and was pleased that New York Life would offer me the opportunity to do all of that.

What is New York Life looking for as far as financial service professionals in the Hispanic market?

My company is actively looking for sales and service professionals to provide financial services and education to the Hispanic community.  The exact title of the job is Financial Services Professional. It is a great and rewarding role as this agent will be responsible for providing education and financial literacy to Hispanic families who may not have had the opportunity to gain this information fully in the past.

What attracts your agents to work for New York Life?

There are so many interesting stories of how our agents come to join, and then love my company. Many times individuals have reached a glass ceiling at their last position and want more. I often hear is that people are looking to take control of their time, and looking to be independent with the backing of a respectable company, and ours (New York Life) is over 100 year old company. Also, the superior training they receive as a member of New York Life is another great reason to join.  Finally, these agents have the opportunity to spend time bettering the community and are encouraged to keep their antennaes up for more people who may be interested in a career change.

How should people interested in a career with New York Life express their interest?

The best thing to do would be to email me and I would take them through the process. This is the best way as I will personally answer their questions and make sure they feel completely comfortable with their interests in New York Life. My email is: jaime_talamante (at) Alternatively, interested folks can apply  and find out more online at:


About Jaime Talamante:

Jaime Talamante is a native of Arizona. He grew up and attended school in Gilbert where his immediate family still resides. He is an alumnus of Arizona State University and currently serves on the Latino Alumni Association Board of Directors, Los Diablos. In 2008, Talamante was awarded as one of the 40 under 40 Hispanic Leaders. He is the founder and organizer for AZ Latino Professionals, a networking outlet for professionals. He is a past vice president for the Hispanic Business Leadership Council; a founding board member for AZHOSA (Arizona Health Occupations Students of America) and involved with his church. Professionally, he is a Senior Associate for New York Life’s Latino Market and has been involved in sales and marketing for over nine years.

About New York Life:

New York Life is among the largest mutual life insurance companies in the United States. New York Life has a history notable for consistent financial strength. In times of economic challenges, we stand out as a formidable company with the financial strength and security to be there when our clients need us most. As a mutual company, we report to our policyholders. This is the key to providing good service because it aligns our interests with those of our customers, who play such an integral part in our 165-plus history. We are dedicated to being the company of choice of the Latino community with a strong bilingual support program for our financial professionals.