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As you may know, last year, we launched our Latino Bloggers Workshop and we had an huge outpouring of support, including a culmination event this past May to celebrate our graduates from the first class!

Now we are preparing for our next Latino Bloggers Workshop and would love to personally invite you to sign up to receive information about our application dates for the new program.

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Meet our Panelists: New Latino Influencers

Gloria Martinez-Casillas: 
Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico Gloria moved to the U.S. when she was 8 years old and is a proud DREAMer, mother, and wife. She has been creating beautiful jewelry since high school and is now part of the local artist’s group, The Phoenix Fridas. Deeply inspired by her Mexican roots and culture, she loves to use bright eye catching colors in her work. Not afraid of a challenge, her favorite material happens to be seed beads; check out all of her work via her blog today!

Connect with Gloria and check out her jewelry artistry via:

Maira Garcia:

We’ve all heard about having a bucket list, well Maira is well on her way to ensuring she crosses everything off her list! As a Systems Engineer for Honeywell Aerospace she gets to work on fast and sleek jets like the G6. When she’s not working she loves to travel, try new food, hike, cook, and adventure all across Arizona and beyond. She’s drunk Guinness in Ireland, eaten at the original Chipotle in Denver, started a trending topic on LinkedIn, delivered a keynote address at a UofA Engineering event, & hiked the tallest peak in Arizona. Up next on her list, officiating a friends wedding this summer! Get inspired by Maira’s lust for living life to the fullest by following her blog!

Connect with Maira and get enthusiastic about life via:


Esther Marie Cerecedo: 
As a stay at home mother of 4, and self proclaimed super shy person, Esther has used blogging to come out of her shell and share budget friendly fashion tips with all who follow her. Thanks to a shoe obsession she started her online adventures, and has since become a Brand Ambassador for JustFab. She loves using Poshmark to sell her gently used clothing, shoes, and purses in turn purchasing from others to always keep her closet and style fresh! Check out her blog for more fun fashion tips!

Connect with Esther and her adventures in fashion via:


Will Medina:

Music enthusiast, constant concert goer, CD buyer, supporter of the arts, and fan of Arizona sunsets; Will Medina is all about the music! Back in the day Will would spend hours searching for new undiscovered talent and loved the feeling of sharing a new artist’s work with his friends. One of his greatest joys is helping others discover their new favorite artist. He has now taken his passion online to help all of his followers connect with new raw talent; while also helping to promote up and coming artists. Check out Will’s blog VeryVinyl for all your music needs! #VeryVinyl

Connect with Will and discover new local artists via:


Thimetis “Timo” Molina: 
Our first featured blogger has a very personal story that has led her on her blogging journey. Timo started blogging to document her foodie journeys, progressively turning her writing into sharing recipes and the struggles she faced while trying to lose weight. 25 pounds down her health was still a concern, which is what inevitably made her adopt a gluten free diet. She is passionate about showcasing this way of life and cooking, and how quality ingredients can make gluten free cooking just as good as any other. If you can say “I can’t believe this is gluten free AND delicious!” then she has accomplished her goal.

Connect with Timo and her adventures in gluten free cooking via:


Sylvia Vasquez:

Our next blogger is originally from the Bay Area and is proud to call herself a Sun Devil. Bilingual Analyst by day and blogger by night, Sylvia created Fabulous Saturdays to share all the amazing experiences you can have in your own community. She likes to show her followers that you don’t have to leave the state to have travel experiences, nor do you need a big budget. If she’s not able to do some local travel she always shares small DIY projects or new things locally to showcase how all can have fabulous Saturdays!

Connect with Sylvia and follow her local adventures via:


Meet all of our First Class on May 18th!

Event Details: 
Wednesday May 18th: 5:30 to 7:30 PM
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Phoenix: 4745 N 7th Street, Suite 210,
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Join us, mingle, eat great food and enjoy craft beer with your friends atCollectivo! RSVP for this great event!

New Latino Influencers: The First Class

Last year Collectivo had a record-setting attendance at the Successful Latina Influencers Event. Following the event, we created the first Latino Blogger Bootcamp and signed up the first class. Join us to welcome Collectivo’s first 6 graduates from the Phoenix Latino Blogger Workshop as they share their blog creations.

Bloggeras bootcamp
These 6 determined bloggers attended a four class workshop this February and learned from renowned influencers (and Phoenix native) Kathy Cano-Murillo, ‘The Crafty Chica’ the benefits of kickstarting a web site/blog, photos, graphics, social media platforms, monetizing, creative roadmapping, and more.

Hear their stories and find out in person how to become a part of the second class of Influencers to be a part of the Phoenix Latino Blogger Workshop next year.


Another successful Collectivo event!

Collectivo is always looking to the future and providing our audience great panels and presentations from Latino exporters. Last week we were privileged to hear from Victor Hernandez, news innovation strategist and current director of media innovation for Banjo, and wearables research fellowship at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute. Victor gave us insights into the future of wearable technology and how Latinos play a role in early adoptions.

Here is a recap of the event from some of the attendees:

And make sure to RSVP for our next event: New Latino Influencers: The First Class.

Latinos and Wearable Technology

What is wearable technology, and why is it relevant to Latinos? You’ve probably heard of, or even own, an Apple watch or Google glasses, but this category also includes anything from a FitBit to Spartan’s fertility sensing boxers. As of 2015 Latinos now surpass Non-Latinos in mobile device ownership, 87% vs. 79%, and have a general opinion that mobile technology is appealing and affordable (DATOS 2015). So now we have to ask, how quickly will Latinos adopt wearable technologies? According to Victor Hernandez 2016 may very well be the year that determines how accepting of this technology consumers really are.

Is your business ready?

Ready to adjust your marketing and media strategies? Ready to keep your consumers informed no matter how they receive their information? In short, ready to adapt?

Join us on March 23rd to hear directly from Hernandez on current global tools and trends in the wearable tech space. As the current Director of Media Innovation for Banjo and recent fellow of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, Hernandez comes with a wealth of experience and information about wearables and digital storytelling as a whole.

Here at Collectivo we are committed to bringing you the best and brightest speakers around each event’s topic – whether that means local talent or bringing someone to our city. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to pick Hernandez’s brain as he is in town for one night only! As always, be prepared to have some great educational take aways, network like crazy, while enjoying good food and craft beer…for FREE!



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ALL THE NEWS THAT FITS YOUR WRIST: Preparing for the smartwatch revolution

2016 may be the year we find out whether Apple’s entrance into the smartwatch market irreversibly drives consumer acceptance of wearables. Analysts predict the smartwatch space to explode in growth over the next four years, estimating 100 million devices to ship globally by 2020.

Additionally, studies by Nielsen tell us that Hispanics are now the most avid smartphone users around. According to their most recent Total Audience Report, Latinos are on their phones for more than 14 hours a week for app, audio, video and web purposes. So when it comes to wearables, will Latinos be early adopters?

And how is this dramatic change in form factor impacting the way consumers get their information to stay informed?  Is your business doing enough to adapt in order to reach the wearable user?

Victor Hernandez, news innovation strategist and current director of media innovation for Banjo,closes out a nearly year long academic research fellowship at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute with a comprehensive ‘glance’ at his high-level analysis and takeaways on the future of wearable technology.

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Update: Collectivo’s Phoenix Latino Blogger Workshop

We are entering Week 3 of Collectivo’s Phoenix Latino Blogger Workshop led by the Crafty Chica herself, Kathy Cano-Murillo as well as our gracious sponsor, Latina Bloggers Connect, whom teamed up to make this event happen.



Our blogger workshop attendees are working hard to tighten their branding, improve their websites and create great content. The goal is to make their blogs successful and profitable.

Here are several of the tweets about the Boot Camp from our attendees:




And don’t forget to join us for our next Collectivo event. Victor Hernandez, Director of Media Innovation at Banjo and Wearables Fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute will give us insights into the future of mobile technology and marketing technology to Latinos. RSVP here.

Insights from Phoenix’s Top Latino Journalists

A group of top Hispanic Journalists from the Phoenix area joined Collectivo for a panel discussion on January 20th. We had a great crowd and heard lots of great insights about breaking into the news business as a Latino, how to best pitch stories to these journalists, and the need for more diversity in Arizona newsrooms.

We had representatives from English and Spanish news outlets in TV, radio, and online journalism, including Telemundo, CBS 5 News, 3TV and KJZZ.

We’ve gathered some tweets from our audience and panelists about the event:






Our next event is March 23rd. Lean about the future of Latino usage of mobile technology, specifically when it comes to wearables like the Apple Watch. RSVP here.

As always these networking events are free and include free food and drinks. So bring a friend, learn about topics affecting the Latino market, and join us for a fun night of networking. More info here.

What should I attend Collectivo’s Latino Journalists Panel?

Collectivo works hard to bring you the best panelist and most relevant topics for our bi-monthly events. Wednesday January 20, Collectivo is proud to have Andrea Ospina, news director for Telemundo Arizona join our panel.

Andrea has worked in the Television Business for over 15 years, and part of her success in the business relays on her intimate knowledge of Hispanic culture and demographics, Spanish fluency, plus recognition of the many sub-cultures by their socio-economic stratum.

Andrea started her career, while in college, in 1996 and has worked in the 2 largest Spanish-language Networks in the country Telemundo and Univision, where she worked as a Promotions Producer, Reporter, and Field Producer for Primer Impacto, producing the coverage of major events like Hurricane Katrina, and the Mexican Presidential Elections in 2006.

Her transition to local news happened over 7 years ago, when she was offer a job as a News Producer for Univision Dallas. Due to the success of the Newscast, Andrea was approached by the counterpart, Telemundo, to produce the local station newscast. A year later she was transfer to the Phoenix market to help re-launch the local news.

Andrea has been a News Director for Telemundo Arizona for more than 4 years, and has position the station at a great success. In 2015 Telemundo, Arizona was the #1 station in the market regardless of language for 4 consecutive months, and # 1 Spanish station for 8 consecutive months.

Come meet Andrea, enjoy a drink and network with other Latino professionals. RSVP here.