Meet our Guest Speaker – Stephanie Vasquez from Fair Trade Cafe

Stephanie Vasquez, Collectivo panelist on September 23rd.

Stephanie Vasquez, Collectivo panelist on September 23rd.

Stephanie Vasquez is not a traditional business owner; there are no Tony Robbins self help books in her office. Stephanie’s passion is creating community at her two Valley area coffee shops (Fair Trade Cafe), a passion that has not diminished over the nine years of ownership.

Stephanie’s success is built on the concept of community, from the politicos to the business leaders to the ASU students who have left home for the first time. Stephanie greets each patron as a friend, not a consumer, in fact, rare is the day it takes her under 15 minutes to get from the front door of the cafe to her office in the back.

Stephanie has created a friendly atmosphere which embodies her spirit, helping people get the day going, relax, or just see a friendly face. Stephanie prides herself on her business being 100% conscientious about their impact on the environment; she openly embraces social justice issues and continues to give her time and money to organizations that resonate with her heart.

Success is not slowing Stephanie down; she has recently taken up volunteering her time to the women incarcerated at Perryville prison. It is in these classes she teaches women about second chances and moving towards finding their individual potential.

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